Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Back on the train

I am once again getting to travel on the train, headed to our St Austell office.

I enjoy the chance to sit back and let someone else do the driving. It's a shame that we cannot get reasonable priced tickets to travel up the line very often. Since "rationalising" the pricing structure it seems much more expensive when travelling up the line,at least every time I look. I have hopes for December, as I cannot find a flight that competes in price or timings, despite Ryanair having one of it's major sales again.

The day is fair for travelling but is not slated to ciontinue to be so. apparentlky the West coast opf the UK is due to get the tail end of a hurricane tomorrow. While Scotland and Ireland will take the brun t it may well mean strong gusts and rain for the walk in or out of the office.

I have been watching out for the Al Gore film that has been released in the UK, though I don't know if I should given the worry current programming on global warming has caused me. I see people retired today who are living a fairly comfortable life in comparison to the level of skill in areas such as health compared to, say, the 1950s. What will the world be like in 30+ years time?

Having mentioned advances in what's available today, compared to the past I can't help thinking that simpler is sometimes better. I heard a programme on a BBC Radio 2 last night, it was about references to early in the nuclear age and how it related to the music/media of the day. There was a public information broadcast piece from the US of the 1950s featuring Groucho Marx. Groucho assurred viewers/listeners that there was a very good chance that they would survive a atomic bomb attack -provided the followed some simple precautions; the steps offered included keeping 3 days of food and water in a sealed container in the refridgerator, a torch and first aid kit. If onlty it would be as stra=ightforward for nuclear war or climate change.

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