Sunday, September 24, 2006

Oh for a Tardis now packing time is here

It's that time again, where the leaves begin to fall and our thoughts turn to warmer climes.

I have always had a problem with packing to go anywhere. My general outlook is upbeat but I do lean towards the boy scout mentality when it comes to going anywhere - be prepared. If it can be packed and and carried I'll take it.

The sight of me turning up to visit friends has always been a source of amusement. First they see this 6 foot column of pockets, followed by a huge red shed of a suitcase.

It is quite normal for me to be stopped on the way through security; if it isn't for the metal in my walking boots, it's because of all the wires that my gadgets require. Last year I took a laptop, minidisc player, mp3 player (or two-in case one failed) amongst other bits. What with data leads and charging leads I had quite a collection. Given the dimensions of my case, I'm surprised it's not to check for stowaways.

This year I am being squeezed on two counts. Firstly, the prevailing security has restricted the size of carry on luggage and, second, our friends have smaller cars. I am going to look on this as an opportunity, one that will force me out of my comfort zone as I move into an era of smaller cases.

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