Saturday, September 02, 2006

Greece nets a big win

USA loses in a huge upset to Greece in the semifinals, 101-95
01/09/06 15:18
In a shocking turn of events, team USA basketball loses to Greece in the World Basketball Championships in Japan.

This story is from Digg and reminds me of the European Cup (football/soccer).

I am not a serious gambler; the only time I have been in a betting shop and placed a bet was on the Grand National horse race and the race got cancelled. It was only after Greece got to the semi-final that I realised what odds they had started with - 100:1.

Being a Gredophile, I find myself leaning to supporting Greece in many things and, at 100:1, it would have been likely that I would have risked a pound or two. (Hindsight is a wonderful thing). I bet the odds were similarly tempting for Greece beating the US - go Greece.

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