Monday, September 04, 2006

Just when I had got the hang of the buses

It's not rocket science and I probably shouldn't have taken the summer to get into a routine, but I did.

I got on the bus this morning, after a couple of days leave, knowing that I could doze my way to the bus station. First sign of things being different was the bus not detouring through the village where I once had my dream job.

I put it down to being a new driver, after all I had done this run 3 or 4 days per week for months; we had gone far past the turning by the time I reached this measured opinion. It wasn't enough to worry me, after all it was 14+ years late if I was going there.

Off I went into a doze, my prime derence against the now distant threat of travel sickness; (if you have had to suffer travel sickness, every time you went for a weekly car outing, at the age of 10 you'll know how strong the dread could be).

I woke up suddenly, stirred by what felt to be a explosive cold sweat. One minute nothing and the next I'm swimming up Perspiration River. My stomach was churning. On top of feeling rough

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