Saturday, September 02, 2006

Joy in the company of brighter people

Catching up on my RSS feed reading, I came across a piece on the Channel9 blog posted by Chewy about a programme called MSR Groupshot.

Rather than the article itself, it was the following sentence that chimed:

"I love my job!? One of the nicest part of it is? having accessing to a whole bunch of people smarter than me (I take comfort that I?m better looking)."?

This is particularly true of when I worked specifically for an On Track project. I came into contact with people involved in the cutting edge of education; the promotion of things such as mindmapping, neurolinguistic programming and the encouragement to step outside my comfort zone would leave my mind buzzing.

The actual Groupshot programme is interesting, useful when photographing children and situations such as weddings - maybe a candidate for MobileTechRoundup's freeware of the day?

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