Tuesday, March 20, 2007

3 hour battery - 3.25 hour journey = problems

In a demonstration of the power of satellite navigation on the Pocket PC, I smugly set up the computer with assurances that getting to our destination would be a breeze.

It was around three quarters of the way into the journey that I realised I didn’t have the recharging lead plugged in from the power cradle; to rectify this I wold need to stop as the battery had been playing up and the cover shifting enough to put the device into standby.  OK I thought, I’ll make do as it hasn’t warned me yet.

Right on time, we reach the part of the trip that was most crucial, where we had to find the right route out of 5 possibles and the Axim dies.  Cue a red faced me, pulling in to a layby to switch batteries while my colleague calls for directions.  

In the end we got there through a combination of local directions and a rejuvinated x51v filling in the blanks in the local directions.  My friend isn’t convinced but had to admit the sat nav did help ease any stress.

(Will I never learn?  Keep calling back to find out).

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