Saturday, March 31, 2007

Seafood in St. Ives

We had a great day in St.Ives last Monday for Cathy’s birthday. 

The weather stayed bright and dry and the town wasn’t too crowded, (unlike now, the start of the Easter holidays sees the massive annual start of the tourist season).  We opted for a birthday lunch and hunted around for a seafood restaurant.  the one we had been recommended, The Blue Fish, was closed on a Monday (we found by walking all the way to it).

After much wandering, during which we encountered Dame Judi Dench (we didn’t go up to her, despite being a fans, because everyone deserves some peace on their holiday), we found the Seafood Cafe.

They had what was, in our opinion, an extremely reasonably priced menu, (having tramped the streets we had seen other menus to be able to make the comparison).  Inside it was light and airy, light coloured wood and glass and, despite being nearly full, the noise levels were reasonable too.  I would definitely recommend it.  Here are photos of the seafood main course for two,  range of fish plus a scallop in sauces of your choice, and the side dish of types of mash that we chose.

 Seafood Cafe main plateSeafood Cafe side plate


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