Sunday, March 11, 2007

What a particularly great day

Today we have had blue skies, sunshine, fresh breeze and, for me, two more packages.

I ordered a case logic zip-up neoprene laptop case on eBay for £13.50 ($27), (pictures next week when I can borrow a digital camera [Cathy is taking hers with her for the week]).  I received an email just before midnight on the night I ordered it, to say it’s been dispatched!  It came today along with my second best bargain of the week.

Yesterday I received my ThinkPad x60s with base unit (x6) thrown in.  I saw a minute mention that it had basic Office 2003 installed, it was better than I had hoped and included the usual suspects plus Publisher.  I won OneNote 2003 separately (a bargain in itself at £21.50 [$47]), so I have the set.  The base costs somewhere near £150+ ($300) without an optional HDD or optical drive, given that the laptop was less than half price, it made the package so much more of a bargain.  (In addition I see that the warranty has life in it yet which is piece of mind). 

The second best bargain of the week was an optical drive for the X6 base unit.  The description said it would be suitable for the x41 base unit but I took a chance and it paid off.  The drive is a slim one that slots into the very tight space of the x6 and only cost £21.50 ($43).

I was resigned to not having an optical drive but this DVD/CDRW is the icing on the cake!

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