Saturday, March 03, 2007

A feeling of Spring

What a beautiful day today.

The sky is blue, a few white clouds gently sailing past and the sun high and warming. It's perfect walking weather, such a shame for poor Cathy who currently has an ear infection.

We went to the out of regular hours medical service, called KernowDoc (Kernow being Cornwall in the Cornish language). The doctor said that she had not seen such a sore and swollen ear in an adult. We picked up a prescription and some provisions and Cathy is now resting in bed. At least she will get the sun later today when it streams into the bedroom, currently it is flooding the kitchen and have opened most of the downstairs windows to encourage a breeze.

We are so lucky living where we do. I noticed the various scented household products lining the shelves in our supermarket, sea breeze and it's derivatives seems quite popular, when the breeze or wind is in the right direction we get loads of the real stuff. Living in what I call the main valley of the village, just up from one of the oldest parts, we are sheltered from the worst of the storms but get the air from off the sea. I may have mentioned before but I have virtually no sense of smell, certainly on a conscious level. I feel sure that various aromatherapy scents will have an affect on me, I find some things uplifting, like citrus products, and others relaxing, like lavender; what I don't seem to get is the release of memories attached to smells. I can remember in the past having memories triggered by smells but not for 20 years or more. Still, the sea air is a tonic and I am certain that it does me good even if I can't notice it directly.

Marianne writes about the daffodils not quite out and some really challenging weather, I see them flourishing all over down here, I must take my camera out with me.

Well time to go and do some chores. I'll write more later, as i really want to put some thoughts down on what I have been thinking about over my laptop buying problems, haven't heard back from the seller yet, (I would cross my fingers but that's a little premature as I only bought it a day and a half ago - once i buy stuff i want it to appear asap but that's just gadget restlessness).

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