Monday, April 30, 2007

The best laid plans..

Well, I have become enamoured with my current IT setup now that the N95 has joined the stable.  I now have everything I need to blog, work, organise and entertain myself.  (Yes, I know there will always be kit that comes out i will lust after, I’d not turn down a tablet for instance, but I can’t complain that I can’t do something – there so much potential with this N95, Axim Pocket PC and Lenovo x60s ThinkPad).

The one thing that all my devices have in common is a need for power.  I counted up my options and realised a few days ago that I needed a way to recharge my phone while wandering London, running GPS, taking photos, uploading, blogging even.  I have rechargeable battery powerpack options for the Axim and my previous, P910i, phone.  So what is a boy geek to do?

I you have read this blog in the last few days you will know, Proporta have moved from the pack I mentioned to a dense USB battery which charges from a mini USB and puts out it’s 3400Ma of goodness via a full size USB port.  Proporta veer on the side of caution and quote buy Special delivery Friday and get on Monday, I was flying on Sunday and it was already Thursday.  I searched for the Proporta battery from locations such as London, thinking I could call by while in town.  I didn’t find a London shop with it but I did find a firm I have bought kit from before - Expansys.

I ordered around 2.30pm on the Friday and it was delivered on the Saturday morning as suggested on the Expansys site – perfect.

If it was a successful solution what’s it with the title?  To be able to charge the N95 from a USB port I need a lead for it.  I’ve got one, it’s a genuine Nokia CA100 USB charger lead that I got on eBay for £4 including postage (£9 in the shops).  I have it in a safe place as it is the only one I have, the one teensy, weensy problem is that the safe location is at home in Cornwall, while i am writing this at my accommodation in Islington! (aaaaggggghrr).

I say teensy problem because there are many more pressing concerns that eclipse this – after all, I can pop along Tottenham Court Road tomorrow and get a spare.   I won’t dwell here save to say that it is things happening to others, a funeral on Wednesday of my friend Eddie in Surrey, my middle brother having an angiogram (sic?) tomorrow (crumbs! it’s 00:31 – today then) to confirm what they say [that it’s not his heart] and my best friends’ computer won’t boot normally since I removed trojans and malware last night. 

Now, I really must head to bed – once I hear amy Whinehouse’s last song.  Channel 4 have a Vodaphone TBA Show (To Be Arranged) where people are only texted a few hours before a concert in a, till then, secret venue.  Tonight it’s Amy, a girl I would have shied away from in my courting days, to my loss (though as I am old enough, just, to be her father it’s a moot point).

I’m whacked and a nice comfy bed awaits.

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