Saturday, April 14, 2007

Thoughts on geek conversation

The thing i miss most living in West Cornwall has to be the derth of people to talk to face to face about technology.  There is one chap who comes in to work and we will speak about our respective pocket PCs or other gadget but apart from that it's all done on the computer.

Now I realise i culd get more into Skype, if i didn't dislike telephone communications so much.  Converstion, for me, is almost an art form.  i need to see the facial expressions of the person i am talking with, to be able to adjust what I say or how I say it to maximum effect.  Now I am no Derren Brown, much of this is from the subconscious for me but the conversation seems to be much more rearding for all parties when carried out face to face.

To aid me in my preference for visual stimulii I am looking into purchasing a webcam to use with this ThinkPad notebook, (I have begun clipping info into OneNote [I do love that proogramme], to compare products.

In the meantime I am carrying a few hundred RSS feeds that feed my technology talk cravings and give me the basis for conversations.

Every now and again I come across sites that feel particularly satisfying from a technology standp
oint, in part because they address a particular interest at that time. 

Ewan MacLeod's SMS Text news is that sort of site.

If you want some straight talk on the topic of telephone tech, with a healthy dose of humour thrown in for free I thoroughly recomment his blog.

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