Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Thank you MindManager and OneNote 2007

When i left my whole course work folder, (core texts, layout guides, handwritten assignment, notes and forms), on the train on Monday i could have cried. 

The assignment is due in this week and I had no idea whether my stuff would turn up and if so where.

I went home in a state and sa down at my computer to compose a blog entry of my woes.  As I fired up this mini marvel that is my ThinkPad x60s it occurred to me that there were certain to be people worse off than I and also that it would be worth looking at what notes I might still have.


As soon as I fired up MindManager I realised just how much i had mapped of what I needed to complete for my assignment, how it had to be laid out and even the plan I used to write my assignment proper.  So here i had something I could work with while i took steps to locate my work.

I did wonder whether I could access electronic copies of my course materials, the problem there was that I could not get online, as all my info was in my folder (yes, it seemed the best thing at the time).  I fired up OneNote 2007, as I had just started using the trial version and had been experimenting with scanning documents and putting them into OneNote.  There, in it’s own section, were my introduction to the course documents with the student web site link I needed.

I logged in and found pdfs for the main texts I needed.  I downloaded the pdfs and printed them into OneNote for future access.

So there you are, from despair to hope in two steps – MindManager and OneNote 2007.

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