Saturday, April 14, 2007

Orange asks "Why do you want a PAC number?"

I called Orange to sort out my porting to T-Mobile last week and the person at the other end asked, "Why do you want a PAC number?" Though not in such a direct manner. 

The way in which I was asked about my desire to change networks was done with the same helpful manner i have always received from Orange in the nearly 10 years that i have been with them. 

I know I have read of some people having difficulties with orange but I have to say that the people taking my calls have never been less than extremely helpful, day or night. I have had attentive, conscientious and honest assistance and not one reason to complain when dealing with orange staff.  If my choice was purely on staff I would have to deal with I would still be with Orange (and if it was just on reception i would also still be with orange, who have the most reliable coverage in Cornwall, West Cornwall particularly).

I was phoned again yesterday and asked a similar thing, why was I going and was there anything they could do to help me stay.  Bit of a no-brainer question i thought at first, but then I thought 'It could be for all sorts of reasons' so i explained to the pleasant sounding lady on the other end of the line.

I explained how I had been paying £16 ($32) per month for 25MB GPRS data connection with Orange and how this compared with T-Mobile, (to whom I was transferring).  With T-Mobile I was paying £12.50 ($25) for up to 3GB per month with the right to tether my laptop and at 3G speeds (in larger urban areas).  the same amount of data in the daytime would cost me hundreds of pounds, (their "unlimited" rate was something like £88 but did not cover 3Gb worth of data as i recall; even if it did that's still 7 times more expensive)!.

There was nothing that the lady could really say in reply.  (When I had said the same to the first operator he did point out that they had an "unlimited" evenings and weekends rate of £5 per month, I explained that i wanted the ability to connect during the day - for instance I cannot use my company's computer to pick up email or download podcasts and such like).

I am still nervous about the change over to T-Mobile.  At home, with Orange,  I can get at least 4 out of 5 bars reception everywhere but can lose the T-mobile signal from one side of the room to the other.  A friend has mention losing the signal in spots along a main road heading west but I am likely to be travelling in a car along that stretch so the lost should be temporary.  Travelling by train in Cornwall highlights areas away from habitation where gaps in Orange's service occurs and i expect it to be the same there for T-Mobile but I am hoping it won't be any worse.  from coverage charts it would seem t-Mobile has very good (i.e. 3G) coverage in the larger Cornish (and therefore, I infer, in the larger  elsewhere) towns.

Ewan over at SMS Text News has a funny item on the topic of data charges, I'd like to think I am no longer someone who can be described in such terms.

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