Sunday, April 22, 2007

Whizzing along - N95 3G

Falmouth tethered T-Mobile N95 speed test

Here’s the result of a speed test for the first time I have tethered via USB my x60s notebook to my N95 phone. 

I am on T-Mobile with the Walk ‘n’ Web plus account that allows tethering and is giving me a 3G signal of 7 out of 7 bars strength here in Falmouth, Cornwall, UK.  (Yes, I realise that we are for once fortunate in comparison to our American cousins, in having 3G available).

I can now fully appreciate the marvels of EVDO-like connections that James and Kevin have long enthused about; before this I was limited to GPRS at best and then at a relatively exorbitant price.

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