Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Eric Mack - is it time to switch to the windows mobile platform?

Eric Mack is debating whether to take the Windows Mobile route. I wrote an entry in his comments but thought I would repeat it here, as it deals with the direction I have gone in since getting my Axim and why I didn't go for a Windows Mobile phone recently. (I repeat it here with my original typos).

Is it time to switch to the Windows Mobile Platform?

Eric, I have no experience of palm but am a Dell Axim x51v user.

I came to Pocket PCs once WM5 gave persistant storage.

I have successfully used HotSpotVPN 1 as my VPN on the Axim (though their site instructions are a little dated and needed slight tweaking).

Personally, now Dell have finished with the Axim I would wait a little for a choice of Windows Mobile 6 devices. I feel sure they will give more options, especially in relation to things like Vista and it's new synching suite for mobile PCs.

Personally I have gone the split devices route - separate pda & phone.

Apart from my ThinkPad x60s notebook for desk type work, I carry the Axim x51v for note taking, using OneNote 2007 mobile client & also PhatNotes, using Calligrapher for handwriting recognition, (I can write more efficiently than type - especially in cramped or in a rush); I do have a Stowaway BT keyboard I can use - fits plane/train seat trays.

I use a Nokia N95 for photography (including whiteboards for OCR) and for phone/calender (though the Axim also syncs back to Outlook so all devices have my calendar).

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