Wednesday, May 10, 2006

It's late and still I blog

I never sleep that well when I'm away on my own, I'll probably sleep most of the way back to Cornwall.

Maybe it's because I haven't done a lot of this. I enjoy the travelling, meeting people and doing a good job, it's just the sleeping. Oh well, there's plenty worse that could happen, I could hate the travel for a start and living in COrnwall there's always plenty of travel.

I don't understand what the people next door are doing, it sounds like moving furniture or some other less than pleasurable experience - mind you who am I to judge, each to their own.

I found the other day that emailing photos with no body text and only some in the subject line worked; tonight this does not seem to be the case. Why is it so intermittent? First I lose the ability to send a blog entry at the same time as the photos and now this. Most frustrating.

Time now to hit the sack and see if I can get to sleep.

Thursday 10 May 2006 13.18

I am posting this via Diarist as it seems to have been lost in the ether when I emailed earlier and checked just now.

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