Sunday, May 14, 2006

A walk in Godolphin Woods

Today we are getting much needed exercise by walking with Porthleven Old Cornwall Society, in the woods adjacent to Godolphin House.

The walk is being led, by Stephen Polglase who has written a book about the history of Breage and Germoe, (The Book of Breage and Germoe - the Heart of the Godolphin Tin Dynasty is by Stephen Polglase. It's published by Halsgrove. ISBN 1 84114 243 3), so I'm looking forward to learning some new things.

The Godolphin family made a fortune in mining so there will be tin mining references.

Things I have learnt today.

First documented mention of the Godolphin family was around 1200 in a dispute over a common at Tresowes, not far from the woods here.

There is a phrase along the lines of "Copper rides a good horse". Copper is traditionally found on the edge of granite outcrops - in the vicinity of tin streams. At Godolphin the copper was mined but not the high quality tin beneath it, 600ft below.

We saw the Counthouse built in the 1840s. A tradition I wasn't aware of was that shareholders would meet monthly for a meal; for which it would have it's own marked dinner service.

We viewed a shaft down which an 80" beam engine & house disappeared overnight.

It was great to see woodland with maturing trees.

Below are pictures of Cathy who went with me on the walk. Now Cathy is very attractive and it's at times like this, I realise that the camera quality of my phone isn't enough. On a related note, the 'log' behind Cathy, the collapsed workings/shaft, is actually the trunk of a large tree.

Also there is a place tucked away that caught our eye, not sure how practical re things like broadband access but appealing all the same.

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