Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Waiting at the station Nottingham

I thought I would experiment with the Letter Recogniser handwriting option on here while I had time to spare.

I find that I am quicker writing on my P910i's screen, setting out each letter individualy, than when I write cursively. As I do this I am finding I like writing on this apportioned screen and am helped by the predictive text that comes up as I type a word, something the P910i does not do.


As promised an update.

Connecting was a piece of cake, Chocolate Indulgence to be specific, (once again, please do not tell my wife). The one thing that I would like to stress, when you get the screen saying that you are connected please bookmark it. If you don't properly logoff it can be 15 minutes at least before the system logs you off through inactivity. .I have managed to close the whole browser 3 times to date. (There is a setting to set the x to just close the window open on top and I am going to investigate that.

Here is a might be a good example of where ActiveWords could be used to go to the bookmarked logoff page and disconnect or at least close just the open window not all of them.

The platform is filling up so I will write more later.

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