Saturday, May 13, 2006

A little on the recently posted photos

Travel Inn

This was on a site referred to as the Island, not sure if it was reclaimed land or land that jutted into a watercourse that is no more; the entrance to the hotel is a floor lower than the car park. There was a pool outside of the hotel and I was lucky as my room looked out over it, a plus in feng shui terms I am sure.

The room was a twin and was spacious with plenty of room for two people although I was on my own it was handy to have a second bed to spread clothes on and the 'dressing table' had plenty of room to plug in equipment and spread out.

Nottingham railway station

This was a fine old building, in need of a good clean up. The red brick entrance and high roofed interior certainly left a better impression than platforms such as those I waited in recently.


The most innocuous thing I saw when I arrived in Nottingham was a sign for Trams. It's the first time I had seen such a thing and it just struck me as odd, something I only ever thought about as a piece of the past being an everyday event for others. (OK I haven't travelled enough). I missed the opportunity to catch an earlier tram and didn't want to miss this one, so took it as soon as I saw it.

I am quite pleased with the quality of the pictures that my current phone (Sony Ericsson P910i) takes. They do not blowup very well but on a blog site they give enough of an impression - except for the one of Cathy with Cousin Gill, for some reason it's a complete blur. The next version of the phone the P990i[b/] will have a 2MB camera, this one's 0.3MB, it'll be awesome - wifi too!

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