Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Things only get better

Posting to my blog by email, from my Pocket PC, started to get flaky. First I had to post pictures and texts separately, then not all posts appeared, coupled with an absence of notices about it, I was definitely getting frustrated.

Following a period of Googling I found a programme that resolved all issues. Kevin Daly's Diarist allows me to create posts, include links and pictures and post with immediate confirmation of success; at one point I made a mistake about the size of pictures I included, the post button had immediately changed to an Update one, all I had to do was edit the post and click Update.

When I first looked at how images were added, I was disappointed to see it meant having to use URLs. When I thought about it and looked at Flickr my worries evaporated. Posting pictures to Flickr could be done by email, posting pictures as part of a Diarist post needed three clicks.

Diarist is efficient, it does exactly what I need it to, is only 109k, it continues to be supported (the new version - 1.2 - out Tuesday 2 May 2006) and is freeware. What more could one ask?

This is one occasion when things only get better.

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