Sunday, May 28, 2006

Travel to London

The trip up to London, as far as the M25 , was remarkably smooth. We stopped off to make a surprise visit to a friend on the way up, unfortunately she was working on an emergency so we left a message and headed off.

Reaching the M25 we found that traffic was very slow but bearable and we only had a few juctions anticlockwise then got onto the M40\A40. I had planned to reach Arsenal from the North as it seemed to be the most direct route but, thankfully, I had an excellent set of directions from Rachel at the accomodation we were heading to. Never having driven inside the M25, things like "Head past King's Cross", "head along Pentonville Road", were quite daunting - I worried over nothing. We sailed into the car park at NCH HQ as easily as anywhere we had been outside of Cornwall.

Stephenson Hall where we are staying is an excellent location. Arsenal itself is a typical London suburb, built up and with little respite from traffic, or so I thought. The Hall is at the rear of the main building and quiet away from the traffic's roar. The dominating sound in the vicinity of the buildings is birdsong from the garden and mature trees that are on the site.

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