Friday, May 26, 2006

Stonehenge Ancient and Impressive - Part 1

I have seen this place countless times on television and film, acknowledged it's iconic status but I didn't believe it would have an effect on me. (You just know from the title of this and the paragraph above that I'm going to tell you it did don't you?)

It did. (One of my issues is I so dislike disappointing people, even if makes me predictable).

We hadn't even intended anywhere near here; we set off intending to head up the M5 and M4 like we always did. On a whim we decided to give the A303 another try. (20 years ago our first trip was a nightmare, with 5 metre visibility from Porthleven to London - [yeah right, like I meant I could stand in Porthleven and instead of seeing London, as I normally would, I could only see 5 metres ahead of me]. From when we left to when we arrived in London we had complete fog cover, which made for a horrible trip as the road was mainly single lane and windy.

Today we travelled from a damp and misty West Cornwall to blue skies and white clouds over Salisbury plain - marvellous.

Back to our arrival.

When we arrived at the English heritage car park, we could see the henge (hanging or gallows stone) and opted to cross the road and walk along the fence to get to a gateway into the site. Let me tell you now, you can only get close to the stones, ie the other side of the 2 metre high fence, via the subway - this will cost you ?5.90 ($11).

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