Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Nottingham Part 2

I was worried I would lose the connection, so I posted the last piece rather than lose it.

Having had the bad news on wifi at the hotel I knew I'd have to venture into town, even if I was tired. I showered and fired up the location spreadsheet I had downloaded from The Cloud site. Filtering the spreadsheet to show relevant postcodes I found a couple of possibilities near me. Setting off I passed a Hooters but guessed that, as they were not on the list of wifi locatoions I should give them a miss. (My wife would probably call them broad-banned as far as I was concerned).

Icame to the street I thought was correct to find that it was 'Road' not 'Way' so I decided to stroll with wifi turned on and see what came up. In a short while I was passing a bar and glancing at the screen saw that a wifi Zone was present with a poor signal. On entering I asked the barman if the had a wifi connection, he said no, I looked and the signal was normal strength so it would do me, whatever he said. I ordered a J2O and he served me with a pint of some lager and a J2O, OK ,maybe my Cornish accent coupled with the loud muzak was to blame. Not being one to argue I paid for both, found a seat and promptly went on line. I have been surfing for a while now, I'm at a bar called Via on, what I think is, Queen Street. The bar has large couches scattered around and seems to have a restaurant upstairs. There were menus scattered on all the tables that said order food from the bar. I went up with the menu and ordered food, only to be told by the barman that "they don't serve food anymore", now the first time I wrote off but this seemed odd to say the least. I have taken it that they don't serve food in the evenings, hard work this language barrier.

The connection has been great, helped by there being very few people on the premises. The barman is helpful and I am quite comfortable.

Being quiet here has helped me, I would rather not have a lot of people watching me with two drinkls and looking like I had been stood up, I haven't but how else do you explain a chap sitting there tapping away on a keyboard with a pint and a non-alcoholic drink in front of him? Adventures in the life of a geek I guess.

Time to move on soon. I need to get back at a reasonable hour as I feel tired, helped by the unexpected pint of lager - maybe it's the law up t'North to have to have at least one alcoholic drink when buying a non-alcoholic one. I have caught up on RSS feeds, emails and posted a couple of blog entries so I can return to the hotel with my head held high.

I may make a couple more entries when I get back, I can post via the phone and I'll upload the couple of photos I have grabbed.

More anon.

Ah well

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