Friday, May 12, 2006

What's in my gadget bag?

I spotted the suggestion to record jkOnTheRun What's in Your Bag? post on the jkOnTheRun site. As my response is a little long I am putting it here and leaving a link on their site.

Gadget Bag

A four compartment very large Belkin laptop rucksak. I can't quote the model as it was given to me by our IT guy when he saw the amount of kit I packed. (I'll produce photos over the weekend as it's getting too dark, natural light is best and I only have the P910i). The rucksack format is invaluable and I use it when travelling to and from the office and my recent travels to different parts of the country for work.

Always on my person

Dell Axim x51v
Stowaway Bluetooth Universal Keyboard
Emergency battery charger (runs on rechargeable batteries)
Sennheiser PX200 Headphones
Sony Ericsson P910i
Victorinox Swisscard
512MB Memory stick

Always carried in my rucksack

Combined USB\Mains Charging lead
USB lead and set of tips
2 memory sticks
Rapid battery charger
Bluetooth dongle
USB phone charging lead
8-in-1 card reader
Collapsible cup

Often carried in my rucksack

Laptop - very old Samsung 600Mhz Celeron - but reliable (mains lead)
Wifi dongle

That's pretty much it, I have not emptied the bag out so I will edit this post if I've made a glaring omission.

I have not mentioned the other bits and pieces such as highlighters, glitter pens for paper mindmapping, notebook, fountain pens & ink, etc. as they aren't really in the spirit of the post.

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