Thursday, May 18, 2006

Wireless Trials and Tribulations

I don't take all the blame for the problem I am about to describe, it really started with Tiscali. My friend called them and explained that he wanted the equipment to be able to connect wirelessly to the internet; he was told that they would supply the wireless kit needed - they did not. A small thing to their credit, Tiscali admitted immediately when I phoned that their kit would need
to be ditched and a wireless set bought.

In a rush last night I dashed with my friend to pickup a modem\router for his broadband connection.

As for many people he has a phone connection that is in a hallway and not at all convenient fir connecting to his computer. He has also elected, rightly in my opinion to purchase a laptop rather than desktop computer; it's a very nice Dell Inspiron 6400. To enable easy connection, while avoiding loads of trailing wires, he is going wireless, hence the dash to PC World.

We had an advert from a national newspaper for wireless equipment at a very good price, better than the sale I got mine in last November. We got back and I immediately set about installing the kit. It was when I had unpacked everything that I realised the reason I could not get it to work - I had picked up a Router rather than Modem.

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