Saturday, May 20, 2006

Kudos to PC World

Having discovered that we had a router instead of modem\router meant another trip to PC World.

I got there in daylight, fortunately, as they actually have a parking meter - I don't believe I have ever seen one in a retail park before. I did not expect it to be easy.

I was very pleasantly surprised. For 45 minutes, an extremely helpful young lady called Dee scoured the store, looking for the one modem\router the computer said was there. Unfortunately, the cupboard was bare but I got a different make. The store was PC World in Farnborough, I recommend it to the house.

Setup for the wifi turned out to be fairly straightforward, I just followed the "quick" guide. The problem came with the Dell AIO 924 printer, there was no way that I could get it to install. An hour after I could not believe I might have to resort to phoning the Dell helpline. It had been a long day for me too and I could feel my vision blurring as I typed my way through Google.

I eventually landed on a Dell help page where it stepped me thyough uminstalling the drivers - the strange thing being an absence of printer name after running the install cd. The steps eventually, after turning off the powersaving mode on each USB socket, led me to a selective boot-up configuration - this did the trick. As soon as I booted the install process ran smoothly; it did have strange phrases that were displayed during instalation, such as ''Human USB interface installing" but the main thing was that the printer now appeared in the installed printers list.

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