Wednesday, January 31, 2007

BlogJet 2.0 troubles

Instead of a smooth evening's blogging last night I had nothing but frustration.

I had installed BlogJet 2.0 on my laptop and started to go through the setup process, only to find it would not recognise my blog, or rather it would not even get through to the outside world.

Having entered Blog URL and login or blog URL and manually seleting Blogger old for the API bits, all I was getting was EIdConnect Timeout.

Some good news was that I got a response from Dmitry within the hour when i posted on Codingrobots' Blogjet Forum.

Just before hearing from Dmitry I was triple checking my blogger login details. I signed in successfully at Blogger using capitals at the start of my username. When looking at my account I saw that my username appeared everywhere with all characters in lowercase.

When I went back to BlogJet and tried using just lowercase in my blog login name I got a different message. While the new error message said "Invalid payload received from xml-rpc server" I see it as a good sign and that it is communicating with Blogger at last. fingers crossed for my trying tonight.

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