Sunday, January 28, 2007

Feeling sheepish

Well, not sheepish exactly but I did want to have a pun-ish title.

We were heading through the village today, on our way to Penzance. Passing along the harbourhead I could see sheep in the field above the harbour. As we turned the corner we saw around 20 of them on a steep, scrub covered slope next to what was once Cowls Garage and is now ground cleared for houses. They were a couple of hops from quite a busy main road, not a good idea.

I am not an expert on landowners in the village but I took a guess at whose sheep they were. After deciding to do the neighbourly thing, it occurred to me that I would need to visit Methleigh Farm.

Now to almost everyone the name Methleigh won't mean anything. To someone interested in local history it is quite significant. Porthleven is a village that only came into existence in the 18th century, whereas farms and a few cottages were around well before that. Methleigh is a name that appears in the Doomsday Book of 1086. The farm buildings may not date from that far back but it is the site of the Manor of Methleigh and, as such, has a lot of history attached to it.

I didn't quite have goosebumps as I drove up the lane to the farmhouse but it was significant all the same. It must be 30 years since I had been up that road and then I didn't give a thought to history. All those people over the years that had travelled the same road, awesome.

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