Monday, January 15, 2007

Uplifting posts

It's posts like this one of Marianne's "The Seven Sisters are singing tonight" that help me get through more dull moments.

After a day ploughing through pages and pages of manuals, walking through the rain, to find the next 2 offices I want to visit deserted, it's posts like that help me get through.

I feel much better now, sitting beside the roar of a coal tar rich fire, drinking a mocha coffee and with an episode of Morse on the television. I find it hard to comprehend that it's 20 years since the first episode. If I ever meet Colin Dexter I certainly owe him more than a pint, for all the pleasure his detective series has given me, (if I don't watch it for the mystery I get to see views of my favourite city - Oxford).

I'd better go and get a tray, I promised to prepare the veg if I was home first tonight, one of those jobs that can be done in front of the googlebox when sonething like Morse is on.

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