Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bluetooth - world first in Winchelsea

While watching the BBC programme Countryfile I saw a report on what is believed to be a world first using bluetooth technology. (While this may not turn out to be totally accurate, I still think that this is a neat idea).

Winchelsea in East Sussex is a village reconstructed on higher ground after the old one was washed away in the 13th Century. It was once one of the major ports of England and 10 times the size it is now; for example, between Autumn (Fall) 1306 and April 1307 some 736,000 gallons of wine from Gascony, Bordeaux and Aquitaine was shipped through Winchelsea. These days it is a few miles from the shore.

There are remnants of its medieval past such as partial towers, it's church and cellars under a number of properties, where things such as the afore mentioned wine were stored.

The world first is a series of locations where bluetooth transmitters are to be placed. People walking around the village will be able to receive an especially created recreation of the scene before them on their bluetooth device.

On an aside, Winchelsea church yard is the place where Spike Milligan is buried.

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