Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mobile tech comes through

Mobile tech comes through

I knew that note taking at the meeting would go smoothly, as it had done in London a few weeks back; Axim x51v and bluetooth Stowaway keyboard.

What actually worked extremely well was when a problem occurred this morning. A colleague, who was covering me while I went to Bristol, was caught in traffic following an uprooted tree in storms. Through a chain of phone calls I was reached as I drove up the motorway. Using the numbers stored in my p910i for voice dialing, I contacted and updated another colleague who was on his way in. All was well, until he was caught up in a diversion due to the storms. Another few calls and I had located someone just entering the building who could open it for the waiting visitors.

Without the use of a phone with voice dialling and bluetooth earpiece I would not have been able to sort it.

On the way back from the meeting today I stopped for a break and a coffee. There were a few ideas that occurred to me as part of the meeting, so I knocked off a few emails while at the coffee stop, (courtesy of the BTOpenzone).

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