Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Test Post to get titles posted through Diarist

This is just a test post to see if Diarist will allow me to insert post titles.

This last version of Diarist was created in 2005, so I can understand that things have changed within Blogger since then. Where it's Title field may have once resulted in a title to a post in Blogger this is not the case today, it just appends the text to the start of the post and it appears as a header I.e. it looks like a tiotle but RSS readers don't recognise it as such.

I have encased the text in the Diarist title box in what I believe is the html title tag. This post is a test to see if my attempt is successful in putting the text in the Blogger blog entry title box.

[There seems to be a problem displaying posts before 4/1/07 in Explorer 6.0 since this experiment with writing the html title field in the body of my post. I have phyically moved the title text to the Title box in the Blogger Edit Post section to see if this cures it. now to republish the blog and see.]

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